Fab 5 is a luxe online boutique filled with curated contemporary fashions for vivacious women. Founded by 5 fabulous friends, the boutique offers a diverse, effortless, and sophisticated collection created by women for women. It oozes confidence, vitality, and self-expression for the woman who seeks the most out of life and isn’t afraid to let her hair down.


At Fab 5, we believe looking and feeling good doesn’t come with a price tag—good style is a way of life. We believe fashion is about freedom and feeling empowered to be yourself. We believe that every day brings a new opportunity to experience life, share joy, and live authentically. And most of all, we believe in women. Women are powerful, passionate, and complex, full of all the right ingredients to uplift and inspire each other to be great—to be Fabulous.


  • INTEGRITY: At Fab 5, we value honesty and a consistent, uncompromising adherence to ethical principles. We believe in doing what is right because it is right.
  • AUTHENTICITY: We strive to live authentically, true to our beliefs and desires, and aim to inspire the world around us to do the same.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Founded by 5 strong and independent women, we believe in power, positivity, and self-expression; inspiring each other to bond together, exude confidence, and take control of your life.
  • VITALITY: We only have one life, one chance to live a purposeful existences e. We believe in experiencing life to the fullest, not taking a single moment for granted.
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